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Regional Low Incidence Facilitator (RLIF)

Meet Nicole Eck

I am the Regional Low Incidence Facilitator for Region 1 & 2. The Region 1 & 2 Low Incidence Project is designed to assist school districts across northwest Minnesota in fulfilling federal requirements in the areas of implementation of the IDEA, professional development and ensuring the availability of high quality staff in the low incidence areas of Special Education. I assist in proving this by supporting area special education administrators and low incidence staff through a variety of training opportunities, Communities of Practice (CoP's) meetings, the Tuition Reimbursement Program and provide resources to make connections. Please contact me for more information.

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Early Childhood Professional Development Facilitator (PDF)

Meet Wendy Carter

I am the Early Childhood Professional Development Facilitator for Region 1 & 2.  I work with the leaders and staff in our regions with training and support so they are able to best meet the needs of young children and families through high-quality programs and services.  Please contact me for more information

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