What is MARSS? It is the system which handles all local student data reporting as required by the State of Minnesota. This data is crucial due to the fact it is the primary data upon which Minnesota makes its payment of funds to local school Districts.


MARSS=Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System or 651-582-8600


All IEP/Case managers within the BRIC Special Education Cooperative are expected to meet regularly with their local building MARSS person. Each District and/or Building has a designated MARSS person. If you do not know who this person is, please ask or contact the BRIC office for assistance.


IEP/Case managers should keep local MARSS contact persons informed of the status of the special education students assigned to them. Reporting points include, but are not limited to, student being evaluated but not qualifying, change in student’s current IEP, student graduating, being discontinued or moving.


In addition to the MARSS Special Education Status Form, the current Mn. Department of Education MARSS Reference Guide is also found in this section for your reference.


REMEMBER: It is good to visit MARSS regularly with your local building MARSS contact person regarding all the special education students assigned to you.


Early Childhood Reporting


When early childhood students receive evaluation and services via IEP/IIIP/IFSP during the same year, they must have two enrollment records.


The first record will have a Special Education Evaluation Status of 2 and include the hours of evaluation as membership and attendance. The Status End Date is the last day the student received evaluation services.


The second record will have a Special Education Evaluation Status of 4 and include the hours of service as Membership / Attendance hours. The Status Start Date is the first day the student started receiving special education services via a signed IEP/IFSP/IIIP.