Continuous Improvement Monitoring Process in Special Education


The BRIC Special Education Cooperative is a participant in the Minnesota Department of Education, Special Education Division of Monitoring and Compliance program known as CIMP or Continuous Improvement and Monitoring of Process. The CIMP program allows Districts and Cooperatives to opt out of traditional special education monitoring and compliance reviews on a tri-annual basis by submitting and annual CIMP plan which demonstrates local, on-going efforts aimed at assuring quality IEP/Due process procedural compliance. In addition, CIMP requires a plan to address self-identified areas of improvement in special education service delivery.


There are many areas which may be identified for continuous improvement and the monitoring of progress. They include, but are not limited, the number of learners with IEPS who are passing the MCAs v. the number who are being exempted from State and/or National accountability testing, the graduation rates for the disability categories, the quality of transition planning efforts for secondary learners with special needs, parental involvement in the IEP planning process and on and on.


The primary goal areas for the BRIC Special Education Cooperative CIMP are:


1. Quality of IEP documentation including quality of the Evaluation Report and specifically the    
   appropriate documentation of eligibility for service.


2. Improving IEP internal consistency (i.e. a student identified with needs in the area of math has goals
   addressing such). And the IEP and due process documentation demonstrates conferred benefit.


3. Longitudinal review: Increase quality of IEPS in terms of documentation of progress over time with
   goals and objectives written yearly.


4. Increase percentage of IEP learners passing the BST and MCA.


How does CIMP work in our Cooperative?


The BRIC office submits an annual plan for improvement based on the previous year’s needs assessment. Data is collected via a number of sources including MARSS and the BRIC special education student data management system. Graduation rates, MCA and BST results and other data sources are also available via the Minnesota Department of Education web-site.


Compliance data regarding individual student files is gathered through regular file reviews conducted by the BRIC Peer Monitoring Team and the BRIC office.


The information gathered is utilized for two purposes:


1. To assure there is on-going review of compliance with appropriate IEP and Due process procedures
   across the Cooperative and that a system is in place for regular, self-monitoring of files.


2. To use the data as a base line for improvement and for the measuring of progress in the goal areas
   identified within the CIMP plan.


What is my role as a Special Education Instructor, Building Principal, Staff or other Stakeholder in the BRIC CIMP process?


The impact that BRIC’s participation in the MDE CIMP program has on meeting the needs of our learners with special needs, ultimately depends on the cooperation of all stakeholders in working together in the improvement of the quality of special education services across the Cooperative. In this effort, staff receiving Due Process notifications should respond in a timely manner in correcting any errors or suggestions for improvement in the IEP/Due process documentation they are responsible for.


Building Principals can be supportive by working with staff in allocating time necessary to complete the often voluminous amounts of paperwork. In addition, Building Principals are responsible for the appropriate and safe storage of special education files and related data at the local building level.


Stakeholders Survey : We Need your Input!


All Stakeholders can assist by participating in the various focus groups conducted from time to time concerning the delivery of special education and related services. Or Stakeholders can get involved by providing needed feedback by participating in the BRIC CIMP On-line Stakeholders Survey (go to CIMP, click on Stakeholder Survey).




The BRIC CIMP program has been effective as a tool in a number of areas in special education service delivery. General IEP/DUE process documentation has improved especially with the implementation of SPED forms. Please take the time to give us your feedback. It is important to us.


For more information regarding BRIC CIMP please contact your BRIC Coordinator or Director of Special Education.